Ten Famous Quotations from Stars of Hip Hop on How to be Money-Wise

What does it mean to be young-money wise? Ans. To be schooled on how money works!

Most likely your here for one of two reasons: one, your young and yet to learn the principals of financial literacy, or  two, your all grownup and still enrolled in the school of hard knocks!

Both camps share this in common:  you never learned or paid attention to the fundamentals of personal finance  But rest assured there is comfort in the crowd – your friends, your family, your classmates are all here too.

Too often we learn about money from questionable sources under the most challenging of circumstances. Well grab the popcorn, the cast of characters facing the dilemma also includes some of your favorite entertainers.

Here are ten quotable quotes from music industry legends on the path to becoming smarter about money and personal finances.


Learning to be Young-Money Wise is a great first step!  Knowing what you don’t know about money is half the battle in avoiding missteps and future regrets.


Those who have achieved success often attribute their success to hard work, determination, and perseverance. Individuals who work hard and show initiative are the first to be noticed and reap the rewards. Real hustle is taking advantage of the opportunities you created for yourself.


How many times have you told yourself that you’ll be more responsible next time? Then you learn that next time is not promised. Self discipline and learning from someone else’s mistakes  – instead  of your own – are the keys.

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Taking risks opens up new opportunities that you never thought possible. Like performing in front of an audience for the first time – you are giving yourself permission to try something new, to learn, to fail, to grow and to explore. Nobody wants a boring life and not taking calculated risks means you lose by default.


There is no better way to achieve your dreams than making detailed plans and setting goals. If a dream does not work out the first way, try another approach.  As Thomas Edison once said, “I have not failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work.”


It is important to set aside money, not only for emergencies, but also for major expenses like education, homes, cars, and eventually retirement.


The reason people believe money buys happiness because it provides security and a safe haven. Money also brings self-confidence because having money provides you the opportunity to chase your dreams. 


The economic principal of scarcity means when a product is in heavy demand, but limited supply – the value increases and you can charge a higher price. If you make this happen for yourself or your business, you are on a winning path!


It comes down to self-discipline and knowing how money works. Most learn this lesson the hard way by continuously buying expensive items they cannot afford – items that impress but do not retain or increase in value over time.


You and your family are like a small business. In the case of personal finances, your profits are your savings!

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