Chase Your Dreams Financial Literacy Workshop with New Music Video Featuring Niles

Chase Your Dreams Financially Literacy workshop for teens and young adults, formerly sponsored by JPMorgan Chase Foundation, is now available online!
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Watch the world premiere music video of new Chase Your Dreams music, written and performed by Niles.

Chadwick Phillips, the artist now known as Niles, works as a youth advocate teaching students in Minneapolis through his ground-breaking Hip Hop History and the Arts program.
Niles and GAC have once again join forces  to produce digital content  and live events for Chase Your Dreams Financial Literacy Workshops and more.

“When Global Artists Coalition (GAC) was working with JPMorgan Chase Foundation during my time in New York City, they hired me and other Hip Hop artists to kick freestyles lyrics inspired by the course booklet. Our job was to warmed up the crowd for the Chase bank presenters and make the workshops the hottest ticket in town.

Now the workshop has gone from face-to-face to digital, but the message remains the same. if you want to become entrepreneur or a CEO of a company, you have to have your money intact.”

– Niles

The online workshop features a course curriculum narrated over hip hop beats,  including life lessons from Hip Hop stars that helps build the foundation for understanding how money works.  What GAC calls being “young and money-wise”.
GAC is reaching out to members of the financial services and banking industry, fintech, national and local  media and the entertainment community to spread the message, as we address the knowledge gaps that prevent young people from making the right decisions on how to keep and grow their money.
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“Going digital marks an historical moment for making an impact in the lives of young people. We know a young person’s early financial decisions can have huge consequences, so it’s critical to instill the right financial knowledge in teenagers and young adults before they start making money. The Google Ad grants allows GAC to spread the message across the internet to reach more young people at risk.
Only six states in the country require high school students to take at least one semester-long personal finance class before graduation.

Money matters are rarely discussed at home or at school. But the life lessons begin as soon as you open your first bank account, receive your first paycheck or take out your first credit card or loan. Our mission is to take some of the pressure off parents and educators by providing fundamental lessons that can set a young person on the right path.”

Terry Nelson, GAC Executive Director
Chase Your Dreams Workshop is no longer supported by JPMorgan Chase Foundation. GAC maintains its  commitment to financial literacy education for teens and young adults through online enrollment and donations to the organization.  Contributions are tax deductible.

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